Leafy Greens with Shallot Vinaigrette + Fried Shallots

(Inspired by the Arugula & Radicchio Salad with Crispy Shallots & Shallot Oil-Sherry Vinaigrette from the cookbook, Gjelina)

  1. Heat 1/3 c. olive oil in your skillet over medium head. Once oil is hot, add sliced shallots. Fry shallots, stirring enough to avoid burning. Add a pinch of salt. Cook for about 8 minutes or until all shallots are evenly golden brown. You can add more oil if needed. Remove shallots from heat, place on a clean dish towel or paper towel to dry and soak up some oil, and allow to cool. Shallots should be crispy when cooled.

  2. Wash your lettuce or greens, and tear into big, leafy pieces.Place in a large serving bowl.

  3. Make your dressing. Add minced shallot, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, 1 Tbsp. warm water, and honey to a small mixing bowl, and whisk to combine. Then, slowly add oil while whisking to ensure that the dressing emulsifies. Taste, and season with salt + freshly ground black pepper.

  4. Spoon desired amount of dressing over your greens, and toss. Top salad with the fried shallots.


1 head butter lettuce or mix of leafy greens (butter lettuce with watercress, microgreens, frisee, etc.)
4 large shallots (1 minced or finely chopped and 3 thinly sliced)
2/3 c. olive oil + 1/3 c. olive oil, divided
2 Tbsp. + 1 tsp. red wine vinegar
2-3 tsp. honey (or agave)
Tbsp. water
2 tsp. whole grain dijon mustard
Pinch of salt + freshly ground black pepper

Serving bowl
9 inch skillet
Mixing bowl + whisk

10 minute prep
15 minute active cook time

Vegetarian, refined-sugar free, nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, nut-free. For vegan option, replace the honey with maple syrup or agave.

Venzi’s Notes

This is an adaptation of the recipe from the Gjelina cookbook. My friend gifted me the BEAUTIFUL book, and you all should gift it to yourselves because it’s incredible. Everything I’ve made from it is perfect, and the photography is so lovely. I never bore of flipping through the pages of it. When I first went to mark the recipes I wanted to try with post-it notes, I stopped because I realized I was marking every single recipe. It’s that beautiful!

That being said, many of the recipes take some prep work in the book. For instance, many require homemade confit and other homemade ingredients to make the recipes. I love making these long process recipes, but sometimes, it’s also nice to have versions that don’t require as much time or prep work.

That’s where this recipe came from. The first recipe from the book my friend recommended was the Arugula & Radicchio Salad with Crispy Shallots & Shallot Oil-Sherry Vinaigrette. It’s a perfect salad, and I made it step by step from the book. Then one day, I wanted to make the salad again, but I needed a quick version. So I made this easy shallot vinaigrette with red wine vinegar (I rarely have sherry on hand!) and crispy shallots. It’s also a different but perfect salad. Serve it for dinner parties, as a side dish or topped with protein for a main dish.

Dressing lasts well stored in the fridge in an airtight container for about 1 week (I use a mason jar).