About Sarah

I am an almost 30-year-old from Buffalo, NY living in Nashville, TN. I am passionate about eating, cooking, baking, traveling, and experiencing life while prioritizing health and wellness. My mom was an awesome cook, and growing up, she tried to teach me. I was stubborn! So I didn’t actually become interested in learning to cook until I was a 22-year-old living alone in Rochester, NY after graduating from college. Since all I knew how to make at this time was pasta, I was desperate. I started to experiment with new flavors and cooking new foods. 8 years of trial and error, failed experimentation, and smokey ovens setting off fire alarms later, and I absolutely love to cook!

For many years of my life, as a teenager and younger adult, I had an unhealthy relationship with food. Because of my past experiences, I prioritize health and wellness in my day-to day life. I don’t count calories, but instead, I focus on eating a well-balanced diet free from processed foods. I enjoy cooking recipes full of veggies with healthy fats and proteins. On this site, you’ll find clean recipes using whole, unprocessed foods and natural sweeteners. However, as a foodie, I also believe that food and life should be enjoyed, so I eat everything in moderation/during different times and seasons — including sugar! (What’s life without ice-cream?!)

I can’t wait to share more recipes and thoughts on food with you all as time goes on.

Other than food, my interests and hobbies include traveling, being outdoors, social justice, hosting brunches for friends, drawing, making friends pose for group photos, waking up for sunrises, trying new restaurants, screaming to 90’s pop music in the car, and dancing in my kitchen. Let’s be friends!